Welcome to the Orlando area… The City Beautiful!


The following is everything you may need to know about your upcoming visit. Please read this prior to your arrival or if you have questions anytime during your visit. Most likely, what you’re looking for will be in this document:


PROPERTY LOCATION:  The preferred method to reach your reserved property is to put the property’s address into your cell phone’s Google or other search box, then ask for driving directions from where you are to that location. If you are online at our website, go to the Rentals menu tab then scroll down to your particular property to get additional information about the property as well as a Google map showing your property’s location and surrounding major highways.


ARRIVING: If you have one, you may leave your car parked in the driveway. I’m sorry but the garage is used for storage and maintenance purposes and you are not allowed to have access during your stay. When facing the property, you will see a sidewalk leading from the driveway to the front door. The front door has an electronic lock. You will be emailed the 4 digit code for this electronic lock prior to your arrival. NOTE: Your provided code will not work prior to the normal check-in time. Remember to enter [XXXX] (your code) into the electronic lock then press Lockstate.  Whenever you leave and will be away from the property, press the Lockstate button again to lock the door. PLEASE NOTE: THE ELECTRONIC LOCK ON YOUR FRONT DOOR DOES NOT LOCK AUTOMATICALLY. PLEASE LOCK THE DOOR EACH TIME YOU LEAVE the property by pressing the Lockstate button. Immediately try opening the door to make sure it locked.

If you have misplaced the door code, text me at (407) 555-5555 and identify yourself. You must provide the name of the actual person that made the reservation that we have on file; let me know the address of the property you are at; and tell us for how long you have reserved the property. We will then reset the code with a new number and text you back a new code which should only take a few minutes. The lock will let us know when you have opened the door. If you haven’t opened the door within 10 minutes of requesting a new code, the code we sent you will become invalid and you will need to call us at our provided host phone number so we can talk with you in order for you to be admitted. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but your safety is very important to us and we must make sure it is YOU that we are allowing into the property. Please be aware that we will not allow you to request a code prior to our normal check in time as there is no early check-in and the code we gave you prior to your arrival will NOT work prior to normal check-in of 4 PM.


DEPARTURE: If your property uses electronic locks, your code will not work on your departure day after 11:10 AM. So be sure to remove all your personal items and luggage prior to closing the front door after 11 AM. We highly recommend you go through the bedrooms, baths, closets, dresser drawers and kitchen to insure you are not leaving any personal items behind. If you forget something and later ask us to ship it (them) to you, there is a minimum trip charge of $45 for one or our staff to go to the UPS, FedEX and/or USPS facility, plus the charge for packaging materials and actual shipping/mailing costs. Total costs of $100 for even small items are not uncommon. We will require a credit or debit card before we proceed to send you the requested item(s). Some of the most common items left behind are mobile phone and computer chargers as well as electrical beauty aids, like shavers, curling irons and blow dryers. We will not ship liquids or chemicals. And no, we cannot “hold” items until your next visit to our town. We do not have a system or the room to hold and track lost or found items. We will donate all non-claimed items that have been left for longer than 3 days to Goodwill or a similar organization.


PARKING:  You and your guests are allowed to park in the driveway (do NOT park on the grass or in plant beds) or directly in front of OUR property on the street. Do NOT park across the street from the house or in front of the neighbor’s houses as they will complain and make life more difficult for all of us. If you have guests visit you, parking on the street is limited to 6 hours, Monday-Saturday with unlimited parking on Sunday.


SLEEPING: There is a king bed in the master bedroom, and queen beds in all other bedrooms as well as a pullout sleeper sofa in the living room that sleeps two, for a total of two people per bed, if needed. The linens and pillows for the sleeper sofa are in one of the bedroom closets (may not be the master bedroom) along with one additional set of both king and queen linens and a supply of extra towels. If you are spending more than one night and need additional towels or linens, feel free to send me a message and I’ll have more of what you request brought by the next day between 11 AM & 4 PM. Additional free consumables that we provide at check-in are not supplied after your initial arrival day, unless you have requested and are paying for additional cleaning days.


EXTRA GUESTS: Please note that we have charged you for the number of guests you indicated would be staying overnight. If you have more guests stay than you reserved, additional charges are due for each additional guest for the entire stay. We must adhere to this policy because the more people there are: we have more cleaning and it takes longer to clean and we must plan this; more consumables are used; more towels and linens are used that we must plan for; more utilities are used; and there is more wear and tear on the facilities. We send our cleaning crews to each property on a schedule to get the property ready for the next guests and we allocate the amount of time we’ll need to clean partially by the number of guests that were staying in the property. We believe that after the charge for the initial 2 guests, the cost for additional guests using other bedrooms and baths and all the available facilities is reasonable and meant to cover these additional costs. Please let us know the number of guests that are staying when you reserve the property so there are no later issues as far as additional costs charged to your account after you check out.


CLEANING: We have charged you for single household cleaning to be undertaken on the day of your check-out. If you are staying for an extended period of time and want cleaning done on an additional time or on a regular basis, let us know. The cost will be the same as for the first day for any extra cleaning days, but we need to know when you want cleaning done so we can schedule them in. Our cleaning crews normally work off our check-in/check-out schedule and we have to schedule all other cleaning days that are not part of normal check-out. IF YOU SPILL SOMETHING THAT WILL STAIN, OR BREAK SOMETHING AT ANYTIME, DAY OR NIGHT, PLEASE CALL YOUR HOST IMMEDIATELY.  We will send out a cleaning crew/maintenance person as soon as we can to keep other items from being ruined– like floors/carpets/furniture or expensive household items or electronics. We also reserve the right to charge additional fees if the cleaning crews find that the property has been “trashed” as sometimes happens when a party is held even though it is against our rules to hold one, or if they find damage or “residue” from pets, that are never allowed.


TV: This property only has basic cable. However, there is also Netflix and Hulu provided. Simply press the corresponding button on the remote for unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows. Your property may also have local programming, when we are able to capture that broadcast. That depends on our properties location from the station and we do not guarantee any particular local station’s coverage.


INTERNET: This property is equipped with medium speed Internet and the pw for accessing the Internet is printed on the placard mounted in the kitchen inside the upper full cabinet door closest to the refrigerator. We have tested the Internet access and it works in most rooms of the house, but we can’t guarantee it will work at any set distance due to the type of device you are using. We do not think Internet access on any of our properties will work reliably outside the house, but you can always try.


CONDUCT: There are no parties or other loud activities allowed in the property (such as loud music). You are welcome to have guests for dinner, conversations or meetings, etc. But anything that results in a noise/conduct complaint from a neighbor will result in an inspection by our own personnel and may result in an eviction. Of course, if your property is so equipped, it is understandable to have laughter and some noise from a backyard pool/patio area during the day. But please keep the noise to a minimum and all outdoor loud noises must end by dusk. Please enjoy all the facilities and amenities your property offers… but quietly within reason.


NO PETS and NO SMOKING: We are sorry but no pets of any type are allowed in or on the property (including yards). Our properties do not fall under the ADA compliance definitions so even “comfort or companion” animals are not allowed. In addition, no smoking is allowed within the house, porches or yards. Evidence of smoking or animals being present will result in an extra $275 cleaning charge in order to have the property completely cleaned and fumigated for the removal of pet hair, pet dander and pet or smoke smells or fumes. This is required so other guests who have reserved the property immediately after your stay and who may have allergies are not impacted. In addition, one additional day of occupancy may be charged if we have to remove the house from being available for one day while it is being restored.


EARLY CHECK-IN/LATE CHECK-OUT REQUESTS:  Before you arrive, we need to ensure our previous guests have checked out; that the maid service and maintenance has been through the unit and all work completed; and that linens, towels and consumables are fresh and ready for you. All this takes time and needs to be done before you check in and again immediately after you check out to be prepared for the next guest. Due to this tight timeframe, we never allow early check-ins or late check-outs.  We apologize for any inconvenience and can suggest a few places for you to wait if you have nowhere else to go until check-in time. Call our Host number if you want some suggestions.


FREE LUGGAGE DROP OFF SERVICE:  Are you arriving in town much earlier than 4PM and need a place to drop off your luggage and relax till the place is ready? I have arranged for a free luggage drop off service for you. Just drive, taxi or Uber to [ADDRESS OF DROPOFF].  When you arrive, enter the [TYPE] Store and say you’re staying at our property (give my name, Fonseca, as your host) and you’d like to drop off your bags for the day. They are open from 9AM until 5PM Mon-Fri and 10AM – 3PM on Saturday and Sunday. MAKE SURE YOU RETURN TO TAKE YOUR LUGGAGE BEFORE THEY CLOSE OR YOU WON’T HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR LUGGAGE UNTIL THE NEXT DAY!

Once you’ve dropped off your bags, relax and enjoy the city! If you’re hungry, there’s a restaurant right down the street called [xxxxxxxxxxx] (great food!) and on the other side is Cafe [Francais], which is great for breakfast. Maybe you just need to use a restroom and take in the local area? When leaving the [TYPE] Store, go left, then left again at the corner onto [Main Street]. Walk two blocks and you’ll be at an indoor shopping mall which has several public restrooms inside and plenty to do and see. Also, [2nd Street] is a block away and has plenty of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Anytime before closing, be sure to pick up your luggage before heading to the property.


PLEASE NOTE:  CHECK IN TIME IS ANYTIME AFTER 4PM.  The code you’ve been provided (see above) will only work starting exactly at that time and will stop working at 11:10 AM on the day you are scheduled to check out. Please make your travel plans accordingly.


LOCAL SITES AND EVENTS: We have attempted to keep up to date with some of the local “happenings” in case you have not already filled your calendar with activities at all the traditional places of interest like the theme parks and beaches. You can see other current activities that are not part of the “tourist” industry by visiting our website at and go to the EVENTS menu tab. You will find that besides the “normal” plethora of things to do, there are a host of other venues that usually only the locals attend. So venture out and see how the locals live!

Also, if you need anything at all before or during your stay, just send me a message here on Airbnb and I’ll be available to help!  If you are in Orlando to look for a home, please let me know and I’ll plan to provide you with information about the various neighborhoods around the various employment hubs, like Lake Mary; Lake Nona; UCF and it’s research park and other similar locations throughout the area. I look forward to welcoming you to our great city.

Thanks for staying with us and we truly hope you enjoy your stay in the Greater Orlando area!


Your Host

Dave Fonseca

ONE MORE THING! I really want your stay to be enjoyable and our team is trying hard for each of our properties to be one of the best Airbnb locations you have ever used… more than you expected. So even though I would appreciate a good review, I really want to know how we can do better! There is a form you can use on our website to leave your comments that goes directly to me (you can fill it out while you are with us or after your return home) and if there is something we did that you didn’t appreciate, or that we didn’t do that would have made your stay more enjoyable – or if there is anything about our property that you think needs to be improved or corrected, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I truly want you to come back the next time you visit our area so we will attempt to remedy any issues you may have had – if it is within our power to do so. We may not be able to please everyone every time, but we want to try!   Dave

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